Our brands

Get acquainted with Arcus' international brands - the famous Linie Aquavit, Vikingfjord - the Glacial Vodka of Norway and Braastad Cognac from the traditional and family-run house of cognac.


Vikingfjord Vodka

Imagine spring and summer being so cold that the snow has no time to thaw before a new layer of winter snow covers it. Eventually this will form a glacier.


Linie Aquavit

For two centuries Norwegian ships have transported Linie aquavit in sherry casks around the world. The brand itself dates back to 1821, making Linie one of the oldest brands in the world still in sale


Braastad Cognac

The Braastad family run their business in the traditional way. In the family owned Château de Triac, the Braastads grow their grapes and produce wine in order to distil their fine eau-de-vies.