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Arcus AS is the largest supplier in Norway of spirits to Vinmonopolet and the Horeca (hotel and restaurant) trade.  Arcus AS has more than 80 years of experience as supplier and producer of spirits. Our experience enables us to produce, import and supply product qualities specially tailored to Norwegian and Nordic tastes. We have established ourselves in the Nordic market through our subsidiaries Arcus Denmark AS, Arcus Sweden AB, and Arcus Finland OY. LINIE, Vikingfjord vodka and other selected Arcus brands are also marketed and sold in Germany and EU through Eggers & Franke and in the USA through Kobrand Spirits.

Arcus AS stands behind international brands such as Linie Aquavit and Vikingfjord and well known Nordic brands such as Braastad Cognac, Hammer Gin and Upper Ten Whisky.  Arcus AS is a subsidiary of Arcus-Gruppen AS.  We have our main office and production & bottling plant at Gjelleråsen north of Oslo, Norway.

Arcus AS, Export dept.
PO-box 64, N-1483 Hagan
Switchboard:  +47 6706 5000
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Visiting adress:
Arcus AS, Destilleriveien 11, Gjelleråsen



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