About us

Arcus is Norway's leading supplier and producer of wines and spirits. We ensure the integrity of the Norwegian cultural heritage through the production of aquavits and other spirits from old recipes and formulas, some dating far back to the early 19th century



Through the centuries, aquavit production has developed into a modern industry, though many of the products have a history stretching back to the early 19th century


Norwegian Aquavits

Aquavit is regarded as the national spirit of Norway. Also, it is only in Norway aquavit is matured in old sherry casks, a similar process to that of cognac and whisky.


Production of spirits

The wines and spirit division at Arcus conducts all the production of Norwegian produced spirits, such as aquavit, vodka, gin, liqueurs and bitters.


Wine cellars

The 180 tanks in the wine cellar have a capacity of about 4 million litres of wine. We utilise a comprehensive quality control system so that all products arriving at our plant are checked at many stages in the process.