Welcome to Arcus!

Arcus is Norway's leading supplier and producer of wines and spirits. On this website you can read more about the company, our business and our brands. You will also find information of our subsidiaries in Sweden and Finland and our cooperating partners in the Nordic countries, Europe and USA


Norwegian Cask Matured Aquavit

Cask maturation is a crucial step in the destillation process of all aquavits from Arcus AS.


Arcus and spirits

Arcus is the largest producer and supplier of spirits in Norway. We ensure the integrity of the Norwegian cultural heritage through the production of aquavits and other spirits from old recipes and formulae, some dating far back to the early 19th century


Arcus and wines

Arcus is the leading wine importer in Norway. We import wines in tanks and bottle our own brands for the domestic and Scandinavian markets. In addition, we import other producers’ wines through our subsidiary, Vinordia.


Linie Aquavit

For two centuries Norwegian ships have transported Linie aquavit in sherry casks around the world. The brand itself dates back to 1821, making Linie one of the oldest brands in the world still in sale


Vikingfjord Vodka

Imagine spring and summer being so cold that the snow has no time to thaw before a new layer of winter snow covers it. Eventually this will form a glacier.