Vikingfjord Vodka

The perpetual snow   

Imagine spring and summer being so cold that the snow has no time to thaw before a new layer of winter snow covers it.  Every year fresh snow falls that fails to melt.  Then place this in the perspective of, say, a few centuries, or even a thousand years.  Eventually this will form a glacier.

In Norway glaciers plunge from steep rock faces down through untouched countryside.  This type of landscape is where we collect the glacial water from the springs at Jostedal glacier to use in Vikingfjord vodka.  Over the centuries, the glacial water has been cleaned thoroughly through the various rock strata in the mountain before it is trapped in the spring.  The whole process provides an exceptionally pure taste.  

Unique and natural cleaning process

Some glaciers are thousands of meters deep.  When the mass of ice starts moving, this unleashes considerable force.  The ice in its relentless passage transports boulders and sand.  The sand and stones are swept forward and dispersed to the sides of the glacier where they form ridges, known as moraines, which are found at many sites of former glaciers.

When the water from the glacier drains through the moraines this produces a unique cleaning process that results in water with an extremely low mineral content, and thus a pure and neutral taste.  Water has been cleaned in this way for centuries prior to it being used in the production of Vikingfjord vodka.

World famous springs

The spring lies tucked away beneath the magnificent Jostedal glacier – an area of unspoiled, raw nature. Tourists travel here to experience the Norwegian landscape at its most dramatic: waterfalls, steep mountainsides and snow-capped peaks that are mirrored in the calm waters of the fjord.  Vikingfjord Vodka made from glacial water, with its low mineral content, not only tastes better, but has a noticeably softer feel in the mouth than other classic vodkas.

International acclaim

Vikingfjord won the gold award in San Fransisco World Spirits Competition, outdoing brands as  Smirnoff and Stolichnaya (  Vikingfjord won the silver award in 2004 and bronze award in 2003. 

In competition with international vodka brands such as Grey Goose, the Norwegian brand, Vikingfjord, won the gold award as best in class in 2005.  The jury in the International Wine and Spirit Competition fell for the pure, natural taste of Vikingfjord.

The competition, which has been held since 1969, carries the most prestigious award for the global wine and spirit industry.  Five thousand brands from over 50 countries compete for awards in miscellaneous classes. Vikingfjord won the gold award in the class: Vodka – Non-flavoured - 40 per cent.

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