Norwegian Cask Matured Aquavit

Norwegian aquavit differs from other Nordic and German aquavit, mainly because it is matured in oak casks. The process is similar to that used for Scotch whisky, putting Norwegian aquavit in a class of its own. Cask maturation is a crucial step in the distillation process of all aquavits from Arcus AS. The process starts with the import of 500-litre oak casks previously used in the production of Oloroso sherry in the Jerez district of southern Spain. These casks give Norwegian aquavits their golden colour and hints of sherry and vanilla notes, which provides a unique roundness in taste and character. All Norwegian aquavits are made according to closely guarded recipes. Each recipe contains a special list of herbs, spices and spice extracts, as well as the maturation time and combination of newer and older casks to be used. Today, traditional aquavits such as Gammel Opland and Løiten Linie are made in exactly the same way as they were more than a century ago when they were produced and sold by the original distilleries.

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